Wow, a 1964 modem. These things belong to the museum but not yet – this guy has it. What good is such devices when in a museum.

Background: This modem was given to me ~1989 by the widow of a retired (IBM?) engineer. has a Model B dated 1965, and I’ve seen a ~1967 Model C written up in a magazine. (Interestingly, incorrectly identified as being only 110 baud.)

Even better than seeing it in a museum, I decide to hook the trusty Model A up and make it talk to something. After some trial and error, I manage to get it to talk to a terminal server at work and use it to connect to a linux box. It’s ALIVE! So, 45 years after it’s creation, this antique modem gets to send data to and from the modern Internet. (From Youtube)

1964 Antique MODEM Live Demo

It’s a 1964 acoustic modem.

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