A company, Vyper Logix Corp, has released Django 2.0 without the blessings of the Django Software Foundation. According to James Bennett, the software is built on the Django 0.96.2 codebase which includes a critical bug.

Who would have thought opensource projects could be ripped off that blatantly. Django is a registered trademark of the Django Software Foundation, perhaps a warning could be issued. There’s really no point wasting time and resources pursuing this incident.

The man behind Django 2.0 is Ray Horn whose public LinkedIn profile can be viewed here. He owns a patent, a Python blog where he blogs as “Guido Python” and wrote some dubious Python software. (Guido van Rossum, by the way, is the Python’s Benevolent Dictator For Life.)

In the LinkedIn profile, he claims to be:

  1. Supporting around over 2 million lines of Python codes.
  2. And I quote “Accomplished, seasoned Consultant with over 30+ years experience in web based software using ColdFusion and JavaScript/AJAX; consultation work includes SBC/AT&T, IBM, Stanford University, NationsBank, and Multimedia Live.”
  3. And I further quote “Recently produced 6000 lines of JavaScript code in less than 3 weeks; 3200 lines comprised a reusable JavaScript based AJAX Framework.”

Wow I didn’t know there’s AJAX back 30 years. Didn’t know ColdFusion existed too. Erm, did the web even exist 30 years ago? The JavaScript code… I hope he didn’t release it as JQuery 2.0.

It appears it is not the first time, he did something like this. He has been criticized for taking BlogCFC, rebranding and releasing it for profit.

I am unsure if he did anything wrong here. He probably didn’t as the license might have allowed him to alter the software for commercial purposes so it is attributed back to the author. (I am not expert in software licenses.) But what he did here violates commonsense software ethics because there weren’t significant change from the opensource version. It just start to get me thinking – how to stop such activities. At the end of the day, it’s up to buyers to decide if they are willing to trust the Ray Horn brand or not.

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