E Text Editor has been opensourced. Linux version is expected too as E Text Editor blog reveals:

Releasing the Source

As of today, the source of the e text editor is being released. This is the first step in the transformation into an Open Company.

Note that this is not just handing the development over to the community. I am still, and will continue to be, the main developer. Development of the editor will continue and it will still be fully supported in the future.

What the release means is that you can never risk ending up with a product that is totally abandoned, that many more eyes will be there to find and remove bugs, that companies and individuals can themselves add features only they need for inhouse use and that the community can help speed up the development of e and hopefully free me up to work on the more innovative features (of which there are many in the planning stages).

Linux version

There has been many questions about whether the release of the source would make it possible to build a Linux version. The answer is yes. The source does build under Linux, it just needs a Linux version of the ecore library which will be released shortly.(Source: E Text Editor)

I tried a trial of E Text Editor before but it was a little buggy back then. This news do, however, made me smile.

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