I used to have a page at GeoCities. I don’t even know what it is. It probably is still under construction. Back then it was cool to put this yellow animated gif of the “Under Construction” sign. It’s like everyone’s favorite. Then after a while it become somewhat a cliché and nobody puts it anymore. Today, Web 2.0 still has it, it’s called Beta.

Anyway, GeoCities is shutting down:

GeoCities will close later this year

GeoCities will close later this year

Why is this is question?

GeoCities will close later this year.

Why is GeoCities not accepting new customers?

We have decided to discontinue the process of allowing new customers to sign up for GeoCities accounts as we focus on helping our customers explore and build new relationships online in other ways. We will be closing GeoCities later this year.

I’m a GeoCities customer. What’s happening to my site?

Existing GeoCities accounts have not changed. You can continue to enjoy your web site and GeoCities services until later this year. You don’t need to change a thing right now — we just wanted you to let you know about the closure as soon as possible. We’ll provide more details about closing GeoCities and how to save your site data this summer, and we will update the help center with more details at that time. (Source: Yahoo!{#49f0bf0366d0419f8e5506383d021f1b})

Previously Yahoo announced the closure of the Yahoo Briefcase service. Now it’s GeoCities. More is to come I believe. It’s reorganization time for Yahoo!.

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