Intel buys Wind River:

Intel strikes back at ARM, buys embedded OS maker Wind River

Intel has massively stepped up its plans to conquer the embedded space by buying the company behind the hugely popular VxWorks real-time embedded OS. This is a blow to ARM, and it signals just how serious Intel is about embedded.

Yesterday evening, after writing the previous two articles on the battle between Intel and ARM + NVIDIA for the ultramobile space, I was telling our Linux editor why I think Intel pours so many resources into Moblin and other parts of the Linux ecosystem: they want to keep x86-based Linux well ahead of ARM, because the software stack is critical to making inroads in low-power mobile and embedded applications. But while Moblin might be fine for web tablets and the like, real embedded customers of the sort that Intel would ultimately like to poach from ARM run the VxWorks real-time OS by Wind River. So this morning, Intel has announced that it is going to do with VxWorks what it cannot do with Linux—it’s just buying the whole thing.

Intel plans to buy Wind River for a cool $884 million in cash, and it seems likely that it plans to extend their Linux strategy to this new OS. Intel’s announcement on the deal emphasizes that Wind River will be run as a subsidiary of Intel, and that “Wind River will continue to develop innovative, commercial-grade software platforms that support multiple hardware architectures that are optimized for the needs of its many embedded and mobile customers.” But Intel isn’t shy about trumpeting the fact that Wind River will now turn considerable attention to the x86 port of VxWorks. (Source: Ars)

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