Man who was an expert on how to avoid being kidnapped in Mexico was kidnapped in Mexico after giving lecture On “How To Not Be Kidnapped in Mexico”. A kidnapping expert has been kidnapped but he has yet to be located.

Kidnapped security expert’s family ends silence

MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — Felix Batista disappeared December 10 from a restaurant in Mexico — a case that made international headlines because of its irony. The anti-kidnapping expert was kidnapped, authorities said, and no one has heard from him since.

He arrived December 6 in Saltillo, Mexico, about 250 miles south of the U.S. border, to take part in a security seminar about kidnappings.

The FBI has been working with Mexican law enforcement to determine what happened, and to bring Batista home safely. The U.S. embassy in Mexico has not returned CNN’s calls, nor has Mexico’s Ministry of the Interior. The FBI won’t officially confirm it is working on the case.

Mexico has seen an alarming rise in kidnappings and violence. Organized crime and drug related killings more than doubled from 2007 to 2008.

President Felipe Calderon met over the summer with the country’s 32 governors to unveil a plan to combat the increase in kidnappings. The plan includes building special prisons for kidnappers. And, a constitutional amendment to reinstate the death penalty for kidnappers who kill their captives has been sent to Mexico’s legislature.

Experts believe that people in Mexico who have relatives in the United States are specifically being targeted because it’s assumed they have money.

“Stay calm and ask them [the kidnappers] for time. Time to do two things — to look for the missing person if possible, and confirm that it is in fact a kidnapping.” (Source: CNN)

This just goes to show you should never be too confident in your profession and that you don’t mess around with Mexican lands this way.

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