Opera 10 has been released, with some turbo charge technology. Opera Turbo, a new compression technology that solves the pain of slow connections.

The craftsmanship under the hood

Browsing speed is a combination of many factors. We fine-tuned our overall speed, making Opera faster and smoother on resource-intensive pages such as Gmail. Opera 10 is 40% faster in page loading than Opera 9.6 … and that is before you activate Opera Turbo. Opera is designed not only to be light and fast, but also smart. Our adaptive memory management is optimized to work with your machine, conserving memory if your computer has less RAM and utilizing more memory to enhance performance if your computer has memory to spare.

Meet Odd & Even who have been working dag og natt to help Opera fine-tune Opera Turbo before the release of Opera 10.

Odd & Even Compressing Web Pages

Get opera at http://www.opera.com/

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