It’s been real long since I last watched a movie in the cinemas. Till recently, I’ve haven’t exactly been aware of what’s in the cinemas. I hardly note the posters. I walk across the streets with this auto-filtering device that simply gets all forms of advertisements out of my mind.

I watched Watchmen.

Watchmen poster

Watchmen poster

Two reasons:

  1. Well it’s Zack Snyder and I enjoyed 300. I also heard raves on the opening sequence that a friend advertised as “not to be missed”.
  2. My ex-girlfriend said I would like it because I think similarly or something along the lines.

So I got the tickets, some cliché popcorn and coke and got in. The theatre darken as my mind prepares for fifteen minutes of insane advertisements.

For one, Watchmen did have a great opening sequence. For the first time, a movie had my eyes glued to the names of the crew. I think I am already satisfied with the film even before the actual plot begins.

My cousin turned to me and asked “It’s M-18?”. “Yeah, but once you reached 24, M-18 makes you feel like a grandpa,” I whispered. My Watchmen experience goes something like this:

  1. Woah woah woah. OMG the opening sequence.
  2. Okay, so what’s Watchmen again?
  3. Still don’t really know who or what is Watchmen and what exactly are they watching. (Actually I thought Watchmen stops time or something.)
  4. So blue… Blue da ba dee…
  5. It’s getting a little boring, let’s guess who’s the bad guy.
  6. Can’t be the blue guy. He is too neutral.
  7. Okay I know who’s the bad guy.
  8. Okay let’s guess his agenda.

Argh! That’s how I watch movies. I think I killed my own interest in movies by guessing around. After watching the Watchmen, I start wondering if the author hates writing about superheroes or something. Watchmen is, nevertheless, a good movie. It just got boring at some point. But the action makes up for it. I probably give it a 3.5 out of 5.

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