So Jerry Ee has turned himself in, probably pleads to be forgiven. His little victory-sign photographs is all over the news last December and that I guess he didn’t quite win this round.

Ex-staff surrenders

THE man believed to have robbed luxury watch retailer Cortina of $13 million in timepieces has turned himself in.

Mr Jerry Ee, 35, surfaced at the Singapore Embassy in Bangkok yesterday morning with a friend and Singapore lawyer Amarick Gill.

In one of Singapore’s biggest robbery cases ever, Cortina lost 386 watches in six designer brands – Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Rolex and Vacheron Constantin – and 194 guarantee cards.

Yesterday, the three men hauled three large suitcases and three backpacks out of a dark grey Toyota Fortuner sports utility vehicle and made their way into the embassy.

The driver, who left almost immediately, is understood to be a childhood friend of Mr Ee’s named Chang Jun.

Mr Chang, a Singaporean in his mid-30s, has a Thai wife from a town about a two-hour drive outside Bangkok.

Mr Gill told The Straits Times that Mr Ee, who worked at the Raffles City store where the robbery occurred, would hand over a ‘substantial number’ of the timepieces. (Source: The Straits Times)

The lawyer says he would hand over a ‘substantial number’ of timepieces? As if he is donating timepieces.

I am just wondering what was he thinking when he made the decision to rob the store. What actually made him do it? I mean it’s a rather crazy act don’t you think?

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