Saddam has a yacht with an escape route to a submarine. Unfortunately he didn’t use his yacht before fearing political instability if he left Iraq.

Saddam’s luxury yacht up for sale

The Iraqi government is to sell a luxury yacht which was previously owned by the late leader, Saddam Hussein.

The 82m (270ft) Ocean Breeze is equipped with swimming pools, an operating theatre, a helipad and an escape tunnel leading to a submarine.

The ship, originally called Qadissiyet Saddam after a historic Iraqi military victory, was built in a Danish shipyard in 1981 by workers sworn to secrecy.

But, despite its luxurious facilities, Saddam Hussein is never thought to have stayed on board himself, fearing political instability if he left Iraq.

So for most of its life, Ocean Breeze was moored in Saudi Arabia – until last year, when it arrived in the French port of Nice and remained there while its ownership was determined. (Source: BBC)

It’s actually kinda funny if you think about it. If someone is serious in getting rid of him, would a submarine be that helpful?

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