Here’s the calculator in Windows 7. It’s got 4 modes, basic, scientific, programmer and statistics:

Windows 7 calculator different modes

(The different modes of Windows 7 calculator.)

I don’t know why there is “programmer” in the list. I thought “Programming” would probably be a better choice. Better yet:

  1. Normal human
  2. Scientist
  3. Programmer
  4. Statistician

This is how the normal human calculator looks like:

Windows 7 calculator basic

(Windows 7 calculator basic.)

Nothing new here for scientists. It just looks prettier but I add the impression that scientist don’t like pretty things.

Windows 7 calculator scientific

(Windows 7 calculator scientific.)

The new “Programmer” mode. Displays 64 bits nicely for you:

Windows 7 calculator programmer

(Windows 7 calculator programmer.)

And for the statistician, I am apparently not a statistician, I don’t know what I did to get the value. Perhaps someone can enlighten me what the orange-lit button meant:

Windows 7 calculator statistics

(Windows 7 calculator statistics.)

It makes me happy to see the Windows 7 calculator. It’s an improvement from the age old Windows calculator design.

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