Last Sunday there was this The Little Nyonya (小娘惹) short clip. You know the five minute one. My friend informed me about it and I told my mom. She glued herself to the screen fifteen minutes before commencement of the highly anticipated (yet extraordinary) short clip. Yet even the short clip falls short.

It’s just Yue Niang and Chen Xi at the train tracks. I don’t have much impression what they were doing already. It’s almost as if there was going to be a sub plot. And then Chen Xi and Yue Niang start speaking their minds which is kinda odd especially when the whole thing start becoming third person.

Chen Xi (Qi Yi Wu) and Yue Niang (Ou Xuan) together

(Chen Xi (Qi Yi Wu) and Yue Niang (Ou Xuan) together.)

And Chen Xi and Yue Niang starts to thank the viewers for watching. What? Oh, no thank you! Seriously have a better closing feature. Don’t rewrite the ending because that’s just lame, I can always imagine fan fiction for alternate endings. Show something that’s not shown.

Oh yeah, and stop the pregnant “The Little Nyonya” wife whose husband lies on the tummy to hear the baby’s excitement advertisement. Nobody gets that advertisement. It was cute the first time, only annoying the subsequent time. It’s been on telly for a week playing that The Little Nyonya tune with absolutely nothing to show. It’s such a shame. It’s time to move on to something else already.

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