This is Miss Singapore World 2009. Not the personality most would hope for. Some Singaporeans are calling for a title to be stripped.

Miss Singapore World 2009 – Miss Ris Low

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I know someone who speaks English this way. She sounded like someone trying (and failed) to put on a foreign English accent. She would probably fare better if the contest is in Chinese. Still she does speak with confidence that impresses me – real loud and booms. Regarding stripping her title due to bad English, there is little point to that. This is a contest of confidence and style, never really need much up there (the head!).

However, a recent development may end her pageant dreams:

Ris Low: I was young, I didn’t think

Miss Singapore World 2009 Ris Low Yi Min was sentenced in May to 24 months of supervised probation after being convicted of credit card fraud.

‘I’m sad and disappointed,’ she told The New Paper over the phone.

‘I don’t know who leaked this information about me. Now I may have to give up my dream (of participating in an international pageant).’

The Miss World website states that pageant contestants must not have been charged or convicted in any court of law in any country.

Ris said she had used the credit cards fraudulently in ‘a moment of folly’.

According to court documents, Ris spent more than $2,400 on at least three credit cards on at least four separate occasions in April and May last year.

Among the items she bought were a $698 Samsung handphone and two gold anklets worth $980 in all.

She also visited Equinox, an upscale restaurant at Swissotel the Stamford, twice within the same week – spending almost $400 on food and drinks each time. (Source: Diva Asia)

Leave her alone? Well… Probably not this time.

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