I seen these words “Gen Y” far too many times. Call me a turtle hiding in its shell but I haven’t heard of the term. Wikipedia (the encyclopedia all academics frown but I swear by) loosely suggests Generation Y is a cohort which consists of those people born after the Generation X cohort. Which leaves me to no choice but to check out what is Generation X since I am missing out a lot apparently.

Generation X is a term used to identify people born after the post-World War II increase in birth rates (the Baby Boom). Say Wikipedia.

Wikipedia further defines Generation X to be around 1946 to 1964. Oh so that means Generation Y is…


Generation Y are people born 1976 to 2001.

Although different groups and individuals consider different ranges of years as constituting Generation Y, those ranges of years are almost always within the outer bounds of 1976 as the earliest possible year and 2001 as the latest. (Source: Wikipedia)

Oh so what’s Generation Z then:

Generation Z is the generation of people living in Western or First World cultures that follows Generation Y. According to Phil Ruthven of IBISWorld, who provides market research analysis, Generation Z – typically the offspring of Generation X – are currently in grade school or younger. While Generation Z – or as Strauss and Howe defined them, The New Silent Generation – has yet to be defined, the generation begins in 2001. (Source: Wikipedia)

Wow, looks like the media is working real hard in coining new terms. Stop using them! It means nothing!

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