Oh yeah, the Jack Neo incident. I can’t comment on it till today. I never know about Jack Neo that much until today actually. At some point of time I thought he was gay and I started to know he is a family man and all respected family man gave their household a Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioner. (We had an LG aircon which gave us trouble so Jack Neo probably is right.) I never had much an impression till his recent press announcement of his infidelity.

My mom thinks it’s shocking. She couldn’t believe what has happen; I mean, after all, it’s the Jack Neo whose movies she grew to find so lovely. Sure it is shocking but I am just shocked that others can harp about it for a week. More shocking is the reaction of the journalists who blockade the exit even though Jack Neo’s wife looked like she fainted.

So to the question that I was recently asked — will I watch Jack Neo’s movies again?

Yes I will. In fact I haven’t watched Jack Neo movies much but now I have noticed him and so yes I am watching his films in the cinema quite soon I hope. Had the scandal not happened today, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t know about the movie.

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