It’s Opera, the lesser known browser. But this time, Opera’s new UI impresses:

A couple of caveats though. Firstly is the tabs on the top of the browser. When it is maximize, the tab is not touching the edge of the screen. For users who tend to move their pointing device too much, the cursor overruns the click area of the tab. I keep having to move my mouse pointer lower from the edge. This is undesirable. Also the new recycle bin feature is cool although I wish it remembers the state of my web page, such as the inputs that I have filled in halfway.

All in all, it’s a cool upgrade. I like the new feel. The transparency in Windows 7 pleases me. I noticed the View zooming feature at the lower right hand corner, it’s a nice touch. The browser is breeze and responsive as usual. Yet another great Opera release.

For web developers, Opera 10.50 also supports web storage and web SQL database. Read the full change log here.

To download, click here.

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