Ubuntu Netbook remix is planned to remove OpenOffice.org and replace it with Google Docs. It’s an odd choice and it probably is some Google influence. Probably Google paid them or something.

According to the latest Ubuntu Netbook Remix Blueprint, the Ubuntu community have decided to drop OpenOffice from the default installation of Ubuntu Netbook Edition for the upcoming Lucid Lynx release, atleast for now. Now documents will be opened by default in Google Docs.

The developers have been removing applications that are irrelevant on a netbook. While document editing is clearly a not irrelevant on a netbook, the developers feel that with netbooks being used mostly for internet related works, Google Docs will suffice. (Source: Digitizor)

Honestly I hardly use OpenOffice in my netbook. The screen estate made it unsuitable for editing. If you still want OpenOffice.org, you can always download manually of course but I suspect most would probably stick with Google Docs.

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