I just returned from Bangkok not long ago. It was a good trip.

And now I’m going to Taipei. It’s okay to be envious, even I am envious of myself. I know however that it’s probably the only time I can go for two holidays in one month. My excuse is I didn’t take much leave from work last year.

The two holidays make up I guess. I want to try doing a lot more in Taiwan though. Perhaps pack my itinerary with so much activities just to experience the place more. My holidays are always extremely laid back which I suspect has something to do with my inability to reconcile with failures to commit.

Anyway, I’ll bring my laptop over to Taipei. Maybe do some writing and research there on where to travel to. I will love suggestions. My hotel will be at the Ximen MRT Station area, in Taipei city. First stop is likely Ximending.

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