BBC reports Higgs boson-like particle to be discovered via Large Hadron Collider (LHC), more on news:

Higgs boson-like particle discovery claimed at LHC

The particle has been the subject of a 45-year hunt to explain how matter attains its mass.

Both of the Higgs boson-hunting experiments at the LHC see a level of certainty in their data worthy of a “discovery”.

More work will be needed to be certain that what they see is a Higgs, however.

Prof Peter Higgs, after whom the particle is named, wiped a tear from his eye as the teams finished their presentations in the Cern auditorium.

“I would like to add my congratulations to everyone involved in this achievement,” he added later.

“It’s really an incredible thing that it’s happened in my lifetime.”

I watched the video as Peter Higgs teared, perhaps a sign of relief or of vindication. I’m happy he gets to see his work validated.

Here’s a good video to explain Higgs boson:

What is Higgs boson?

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