The past 5 years I have been greeted with the thought of having to get a bigger wardrobe every time I look at my wardrobe. I have been stressing over and over that I needed a need wardrobe to many.

It just occurred to me one day, a fine 16 May 2012, that I should execute this — get a wardrobe and probably rid the bed I don’t like to look at. I wasn’t acting transgressive enough when it comes to ridding a bed that is working well.

It came to me that every morning I keep telling myself the same thing again: get a new wardrobe; get a new bed. All these moments I spent having that thought would, by now, gather to be several hours. It bothers me so much apparently that I encounter much displeasure just opening the wardrobe door. I dislike the way it creeks, I dislike the wood pattern, I dislike the way the cupboard doors don’t align right when it was shut. I started picking more and more things and I realized I have no way out but to get a new one and rid the old.

So on 16 May 2012, I went to Ikea.

I am liberated.

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