2013 is going to be an exciting new year. I haven’t got much to talk about in terms of resolutions, after all 2012 has been a great year in general and I’m thankful for the opportunity that came to me.

New company, well kinda

I left Cherry Credits a while back seeking to do something different. I landed on a JavaScript role which will be interesting for me. I’ve always been somewhat a generalist, a full-stack developer, and this role requires me to concentrate on JavaScript, mainly Backbone.js.

Community involvement

I would like to have more involvement in local communities (in Singapore). It could be anything really, but I would prefer a technology slant as always. Because things are so vague I cannot write much but it’s definitely something that I will be pursuing as a personal project in the upcoming year.


I will try to go to at least 5 countries this year, including transit stops! I haven’t been able to travel as much as today. My parents never brought me on a holiday before and when I started earning money, unsurprisingly that’s the first thing I want to do — to travel. This year, the key place might be Dominican Republic, but we’ll see.


I read too much; I should write more. I like how writing slows down my reading and consolidates a lot of what I read. Without jotting things down I’m just reading and forgetting. Sometimes I wanted to refer back to articles I read before but I have almost no way of uncovering them. Pocket is definitely going to be a useful tool for this project.

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