It’s been a while since I did this. Been busy needless to say. Here’s a list of random discoveries that didn’t make into an individual blog post.

1. The meaning of Empire State of Mind

God I love this song. I sang this song at karaoke in Topone KTV with Terence and totally ruin the rap parts. But what’s the meaning of the song? Rap Genius explains it here. Very useful. Know what you sing.

2. Accessories for Backbone.js framework

It doesn’t just stay there does it? Backbone.js already an established JavaScript MVC framework has accessories and frameworks built atop it. Let’s see. For a short list there still is:

  • Aura.js – A scalable, event-driven JavaScript architecture for developing widget-based applications.
  • Chaplin – Web application framework on top of Backbone.js.
  • Marionette – Backbone.Marionette is a composite application library for Backbone.js that aims to simplify the construction of large scale JavaScript applications.
  • Thorax – Strengthening your Backbone. By Walmart.

I’m currently exploring Marionette and seeing how it can be adopted to an existing Backbone.js application.

3. What’s wrong with airports

BoardingArea has an interesting article written in response to Seth Godin’s writes about 10 things organizations can learn from airports.

Both articles are interesting reads.

4. Tesla’s thorough assessment on The New York Times review

This marks a new kind of fact checking really. The New York Times and Top Gear reviewed the new Tesla Model S negatively and Tesla is able to provide evidence that both papers haven’t done their tests fairly at all. Read more about it here.

Tesla left little out and this time both publications ought to examine their review process. On a separate note, Tesla cars supports REST API used by their Android and iOS applications. The Atlantic Wire gave a review of Tesla’s review of The New York Time’s review. And there’s also a response from The New York Times.

Now that’s the journalism we are proud of. Great work from everyone. People make mistakes but people are also willing to forgive.

5. Opera is moving to WebKit

So Opera announced that they are moving to WebKit. This is a good thing for them. They can concentrate on the user experience of the browser itself. The browser itself has really matured to the stage that progress is just about integrating features with the cloud basically. That’s not unwelcomed though.

I love to see what would be of the Opera that no longer has to care about their rendering engine Presto. Perhaps more interesting bits of technology would emerge to improve on the browser and services that they support.

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