Again, a week has passed since and I’ve been really swarmed by the incoming work.

Google shows the trends in flu. Interesting thing to investigate. This comes right after US is having a flu epidemic as according to CNN. ANd I had a bit of flu through the weekend too myself.

2. On the price of lego

I always wonder why Lego is so mad expensive. According to Wired, they’re incredibly consistent.

3. Advertisement tracking is hard

Seeing what Tremor Video does, I can tell you the amount of shit that go through data mining is crazy. I never learnt as much as this since after I finished from my university undergraduate course. The mysterious pixel tracks so much things it is scary. I’ll elaborate more in a better post.

4. Lui Tuck Yew

I feel bad for Lui Tuck Yew, the local transport minister. I’m largely ignorant of local politics and when I hear about Lui Tuck Yew it’s always something bad. He’s being blamed for the poor quality of local transportation system of late. It’s probably the predecessors’ fault and he has to act upon the mistakes of the past. And now he becomes the face of public transport failures; this is definitely not a good position to be. I wish him well.

I’m really keen on this game!

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