“It is what it is” is perhaps the most mind boggling phrase I ever heard. And, mind you, it is because it makes complete sense — a true tautology. Why say it then?

Each time that phrase is uttered, it suggests the speaker has somewhat accepted what has occurred which should be a good thing until he or she starts to get everyone to accept like he or she did.

It is of course what it is; there’s no way it is what it is not. Unless there’s a bloody misunderstanding in which case it STILL is what it is because you just don’t know that your interpretation of the event is unreliable. Yet.

I propose search phrases to be left out. And I’m not trying to be a smart aleck. I hated the resignation of this statement. We are always taught to assess the present situation and make a move. If things don’t go right we assess on its remedy. We can still try to correct things for what it is now to make for a better outcome.

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