Published on February 13, 2013

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Was reading this Channel News Asia article and found it slightly amusing:

SINGAPORE: A Bangladeshi cleaner was on Wednesday sentenced to 27 months’ imprisonment for cheating his fellow countrymen of their work permits.

Fellow countrymen? Can news get more poetic than this?

Shobhan Haider Rupu Ayoub Ali, 29, admitted to 30 counts of cheating in January this year. Prosecution proceeded on eight charges.

I never understood this really. So he cheated 30 times but he’s charged 8 times? So what’s the charge again?

Shobhan’s modus operandi was to deceive fellow Bangladeshi workers that he had jobs for them at Marriott Hotel.

Latin? Argh! I have to check the dictionary for modus operandi. Usage of Latin in news should be deemed actus reus (a prohibited act). (Hey, at least I bothered to explain yea?)

The cleaner would ask the victims for their work permits in order to exchange them for security passes at the hotel.

Oh! So the story is that the cleaner get hold of their work permits and sell it? This just isn’t clear in the beginning of the news article!

Court documents showed that he sold a total of 30 work permits for S$2,500 to another man in the Kallang area.

Ah okay, so now the numbers tally. His 30 counts of cheating comes from selling away 30 work permits illegally? Wait, what? He sold it to another man in Kallang? When’s the first man mentioned? Was he from Joo Chiat?

Shobhan could have been jailed up to 10 years and fined.

Warning of the severity of the crime that will benefit none of Channel News Asia’s targeted audiences. That’s just an odd article. I generally found Channel News Asia articles both too short and hard to digest. I might have better luck reading from the bottom. Maybe I should go back to reading picture books.

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