For me, being in Taiwan is really about food. There’s plenty of really good food. Some extraordinary, other just unique.

General convenience store food

They are pretty good so they deserve a highlight. You can get these tea eggs there. You can probably get better ones in the night market but convenience stores are really — well — convenient after midnight. They are good for a quick bite in the wee hours if you are hungry.

Food you can get in Family Mart

Rao He night market

Raohe Street Night Market shouldn’t be missed. It’s a stretch of authentic Taiwanese food with some random novelties.

Crepes with corn

The above is crepes with corn. We had a chocolate banana one. Sinful but delicious.


These rice-filled squid is good too.

Rice-filled squid

Simple breakfast

I prefer the simpler of breakfasts, sometimes it is quite filling so you can treat it as brunches.

This is near Long San Temple, it’s a simple porridge dish:

Simple porridge as a breakfast


This one is pretty weird, you can find it in Jiu Fen

Ice-cream popiah


Dessert yam balls

Love yam? This is the best thing to try:

Yam balls

Again, at Jiu Fen:

Rice-filled chicken

This one is really good, you can probably get this is night markets in general but I got this at Shi Fen:

Rice-filled chicken

Absolutely delicious. Will try again.

Huge sushi and sashimi

I wouldn’t say these are really nice but these are really huge. Again a novelty for me, these oversized sushi and sashimi is popular among Taiwanese. They are value-for-money as well. Don’t go here expecting quality seafood. Consider the portion and costs, this is worth a try at least.

Oversized sushi

This is in Ximen in a restaurant called 三味食堂 (Three taste food centre).

Proper restaurants

Try Din Tai Feng, I ate here a lot in Singapore but Taiwan being the birth place of Din Tai Feng has much better service and food.


Be sure to try their appetisers, they’re surprisingly good.

Also try Kao Chi or Gao Ji:

Kao Chi pan fried buns

You can find both restaurants in the city. I tried Kao Chi in Zhongxiao Fuxing and it’s really good.

Snowflake mango

I don’t enjoy this a lot. It’s too sweet for me, however it’s highly recommended to me by Taiwanese friends which probably hints worthwhile to try. This one is at Shilin night market but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this every where.

Snowflake mango


Found any other good food? Share it with me!

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