More people? Yes, says ex-HDB chief. I can’t imagine how we can have more people in Singapore but if it is coming we definitely need to plan ahead.

Singapore must start planning for a population that could possibly hit 10 million, Liu Thai Ker, the man often credited as the architect of modern Singapore, told CNBC.

“One fundamental thing about urban planning is, don’t try to stop or control or curb population growth,” Liu, who is now chairman at the Centre for Liveable Cities and senior director at RSP Architects Planners and Engineering, said.

“We should allow Singapore to grow and plan for a much bigger population‚Ķ like 10 million people. We should ask ourselves: How long do we want Singapore to remain as a sovereign country? Even at 10 million people and assuming a population growth rate of 1 percent, we will only last slightly over 100 years and that’s not a long time,” he added.

Source: Singapore must plan for 10M population: Ex-HDB chief

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