EVGA stops making video cards

Interesting news this week that EVGA will stop manufacturing Nvidia cards.

EVGA stops making video cards and blames Nvidia’s bad behavior

EVGA is reportedly making the decision to no longer work with Nvidia because it feels the company was a bad partner, according to both Gamers Nexus and JayzTwoCents. The company claims that Nvidia wouldn’t tell EVGA how much it would have to pay to obtain GPU cores before publicly announcing the price of cards like the RTX 3080, which made it difficult for EVGA to figure out how much it would have to charge for its own products, built around Nvidia’s tech. According to JayzTwoCents, Nvidia sent the drivers required to take full advantage of its GPUs to journalists before it sent them to EVGA and would keep the manufacturer in the dark about how many GPUs it would get to integrate into its own designs and products.

Source: The Verge

Sounds like Nvidia is outright being a bully in the industry. The Founders Edition of their card retails as a price that’s lower than EVGA. I don’t really see how EVGA can be profitable here. However, to drop pretty much their biggest partner does put the company at a precarious position.