Mysa In-Floor Thermostat: A Comprehensive Review

I just installed two of these Mysa In-Floor Thermostat in my bathrooms during my remodel.


  • Easy Installation: The design includes a plate for easy installment and a removable faceplate that houses the “brains” of the operation. This made the installation process pretty straightforward.
  • Error Identification: If something goes wrong, Mysa does a good job of identifying the issue with error codes, which greatly helps in troubleshooting.
  • Remote Control: The WiFi functionality is excellent, and remote control via the app is seamless.
  • Aesthetic Design: Mysa’s sleek and modern design is aesthetically pleasing and fits well with contemporary home interiors.


  • HomeKit Compatibility: Setting up with HomeKit was a significant hurdle and requires a well-configured WiFi network to function properly.
  • Thermometer Nub Size: The size of the thermometer nub is a little too big, making it difficult to place under some types of flooring without causing issues.
  • Minor UI Concerns: The touch surface of the faceplate requires a rather firm press to activate, which could be improved for a more user-friendly experience.

Overall, the Mysa In-Floor Thermostat offers a sleek, easy-to-install solution for those looking to upgrade their smart home heating systems. However, a few design quirks and setup challenges prevent it from achieving a perfect score. I’d rate it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.