to be sunsetted

Intuit’s decision to sunset Mint in favor of Credit Karma has unsettled its vast user base. Mint, since 2006, has been a cornerstone in personal finance management, valued for its no-cost, comprehensive budgeting tools. The transition to Credit Karma brings uncertainty, particularly as it lacks Mint’s advanced budgeting features and raises questions about the neutrality of its financial recommendations due to its ad-based revenue model.

Intuit offers a one-month grace period post-Mint shutdown to download data, yet communication has been lackluster, leaving many users, including myself, in the dark. Transferring to Credit Karma is irreversible, emphasizing the importance of downloading and securing transaction history.

The transition process to Credit Karma includes integration of financial data, but with a caveat: not all banks may be compatible.

Perhaps this consolidation might pave the way for other ventures, like selling the domain name to MintMobile or something!