This week I learnt

The Birth of “This Week I Learned”

Finance has been the heart of my blogging journey—a world of numbers, trends, and economic forecasts. Yet, as the landscape becomes increasingly complex, I’ve found the pursuit of the latest financial news to be a Sisyphean task, often with little to reflect on in hindsight.

It’s time for a change, a pivot to something more enriching and personal. Hence, I’m steering this ship towards new horizons with a fresh category: “This Week I Learned.”

Each week, I’ll be compiling nuggets of knowledge, interesting facts, and insights gained from various experiences—like the enlightening visit to Chapultepec Castle where I dove deep into Mexico’s rich history, or the charming intricacies of the Spanish language learned while navigating the markets of Mexico City.

Whether it’s a new skill, a historical fact, a life lesson, or an interesting tidbit about culture, language, or technology, this category will be a patchwork quilt of learning that offers something for everyone.

I invite you, my readers, to join me on this new venture. Let’s explore a diverse range of topics and grow together. Share your learnings, engage with mine.