Figma and Adobe

Adobe plans to acquire Figma

I see this as Adobe is fading into irrelevance with product engineers. Today hardly almost all designers I know of are using Figma.

Smart defensive play there Adobe.

Adobe makes $20B bet on a collaborative future with Figma acquisition

Prior to announcing its intent to buy Figma for $20 billion on Thursday, Adobe’s largest deal was its $4.75 billion Marketo acquisition in 2018.

Perhaps Adobe saw the Figma deal as its organization-altering moment as it watched the creative market making a key change from one centered on creating assets with tools like Photoshop and Illustrator to one firmly focused on the creators themselves and the collaborative nature of the design process.

The former is where Adobe has built the bulk of its business. The latter is represented by Figma, a startup with visionary founders who wanted to change the way people thought about design in a digital context, a change so important that the old-guard company was willing to overspend to grab the young upstart and bring the two ways of thinking together.

Source: Techcrunch

Well, good luck. $20B is way higher than I imagine.

Figma is used by Airbnb, Uber and Zoom.