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Lime Scooter Ridership Increase During Taylor Swift’s Denver Visit

Denver witnessed a surge in Lime scooter and e-bike usage in 2023, with a notable spike during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. The city’s Lime ridership soared by 65% on concert nights, while new user sign-ups leaped by an impressive 150%. This growth not only signifies Denver’s embrace of eco-friendly transportation but also highlights the influence of pop culture on urban mobility.

Lime’s overall performance in Denver was stellar, with over 3.5 million rides in 2023, marking it as their most successful year in the city. Since 2017, more than 10.5 million trips have been taken on Lime in Denver, helping to reduce an estimated 2.5 million car trips.

The Swiftie effect was evident in other cities too. Cincinnati saw a 200% jump in rides, Tampa a 180% increase in new accounts, and Seattle a 165% uptick in first-time rides during the tour dates. Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour also played a role, particularly in Europe, with Lime experiencing significant increases in ridership.

These figures not only celebrate the success of Lime’s mission for sustainable transportation but also reflect the cultural resonance of events like Swift’s and Beyoncé’s tours. As Lime crosses 500 million lifetime trips, they’re setting sights on an even more impactful 2024, hoping to inspire more people towards greener, more sustainable urban travel.