And there’s a new MacBook Pro

There’s an option of M1 Pro and M1 Max, which does up to 10-core CPU and 32-core GPU.

Notch is now in MacBook Pro. Personally, I don’t hate the notch since the trade off is a smaller device with higher screen to non-screen ratio.

Notch is here!

And looks like MagSafe is returning to MacBook Pro. Also exciting is the promise of charging to 50% in just 30 minutes. Very welcomed feature!.

MagSafe’s back.

This round of updates to MacBook Pro shows Apple made the right decision to ditch Intel and develop their own processors. With this Apple is able to introduce faster processing and leapfrog their competition.


macOS Monterey will release on October 25

Apple will release macOS Monterey, the next major version of its Mac operating system, on October 25, the company announced today. The new software will also ship on the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros Apple is releasing next week.

Monterey will run on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs, though it won’t run on everything that currently supports macOS Big Sur. The full support list drops a handful of 2013 and 2014-model Intel Macs, as well as the first iteration of the 12-inch MacBook from 2015:

Early 2015 and later MacBook Air
Early 2015 and later MacBook Pro
Early 2016 and later MacBook
Late 2015 and later iMac
Late 2014 and later Mac mini
2017 and later iMac Pro
Late 2013 and later Mac Pro

Ars Technica

I’m really excited for the release of macOS Monterey. This round of releases for iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, there isn’t a whole lot of new features. I see this as a consolidation phase and Apple seems to be more focused on integrating new iCloud feature across all their operating systems such as “Shared with you” and “Photo Collection” in Messages. I hope they bring more features to iMessage.

What I find interesting is the Share Your Screen feature which I always use Zoom or Google Meet for:

Share your screen feature.

Also Notes seem to have some nice improvements. Love the upcoming collaboration features. This was what I use Google Docs for with friends when doing planning.