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  • Adobe Abandons $20 Billion Figma Deal

    Adobe Abandons $20 Billion Figma Deal

    Adobe’s $20 billion acquisition of Figma was halted due to regulatory challenges in Europe and the UK, with concerns about potential harm to innovation and competition. Adobe will pay Figma a $1 billion termination fee. Figma, expanding and profitable, could attract IPO interest. The deal’s cancellation reflects increased regulatory scrutiny on tech mergers, potentially affecting…

  • Adobe plans to acquire Figma

    Adobe plans to acquire Figma

    I see this as Adobe is fading into irrelevance with product engineers. Today hardly almost all designers I know of are using Figma. Smart defensive play there Adobe. Adobe makes $20B bet on a collaborative future with Figma acquisition Prior to announcing its intent to buy Figma for $20 billion on Thursday, Adobe’s largest deal…